1. Showtime

From the recording Makin' Waves

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<br />
Its Showtime, on a homemade stage<br />
Showtime, take your place<br />
Curtain goes up, lights go down<br />
Showtime in your town<br />
Wake up grandpa, hope baby don&rsquo;t cry<br />
Cause I&rsquo;ve been practicing all my lines<br />
<br />
Showtime, everyone&rsquo;s a star<br />
Showtime, no matter who you are<br />
Write the songs, learn the steps<br />
Sew the costumes, build the sets<br />
<br />
All around the world, every boy and girl<br />
has something to say, and the whole world is their stage<br />
<br />
Showtime, it&rsquo;s a world premier<br />
Showtime tell them you saw it here<br />
Somebody please call the press<br />
We&rsquo;ve got a worldwide success<br />
<br />
Everybody take a bow<br />
You have earned a curtain call<br />
<br />