School Assemblies

   Character ~  Positive Behavior ~ Bullying Awareness
      Respect Rocks! is a fun, high energy, interactive Rock 'n' Roll school assembly concert focusing on positive character education.  Designed for Pre-K through 5th grade audiences, the show presents the concepts of Cooperation, Inclusion, Kindness, and Empathy in easy to sing along songs.  Leonardo briefly introduces each song/concept then utilizes call and response singing, audience volunteers, and dance/hand motions to complete the message. Respect Rocks has been touring nationwide for over 10 years helping schools create and maintain a culture of Positive Behavior, Tolerance, and Success!
“Schools should consider adopting some of these as "their" songs in their effort to educate children about bullies and how to deal with them.”
  School Library Journal 

"Just wanted to say thank you again. The kids really enjoyed the assembly this morning, And the feedback from the admins and all teachers is really positive. Absolutely loved it! Thank you again for coming down to Texas!!"   Shady Grove PTA  Keller, TX

  • Length of Show is 45-50 minutes, all equipment provided.
  • Can perform multiple shows in a day.
  • Available nationally.


Show Some Respect  (Basics of Kindness. "To the left, to the right..Show Some Respect")
That's a Bully ( what is a bully..someone who is pushing, shoving, hurtful words/actions..creates awareness of topic)
Makin Waves (  Call to a friend, be a hero, make a difference, historical examples of heros..MLK etc..)
Tell Somebody (what to do if feel sad, threatened..where to turn, don't keep it inside, communicate.)

Take A Walk in My Shoes (Empathy, Respecting other points of view, Cultures)
Don't Send it (Cyberbullying..use positive words, respect yourself and those around you, send positive messages, don't gossip, make fun)
Take a Stand, Lend a hand (Be a leader, an example, help a friend, include others, reach out, create Unity, Peace.
No More Bullies ( to the tune of Woolly Bully = Golden rule!! Volunteers play guitar with the band)
Ready for Success ( last song, unifying theme, motivate for academics and social /personal achievement)



Rockin' and Reading

Perfect for Reading Nights, Rockin' and Reading is Leonardo's literacy themed concert where little rockers become big readers! The ability to read, write and communicate is the recipe for success, and music is a universal ingredient. Audiences will spell out the vowels with their bodies to the song "AEIOU" (think YMCA), celebrate a "Snow Day" with hand movements, and finish writing a song about a trip to "Hawaii" using basic literary devices.  This concert is an interactive musical experience that entertains, educates, and motivates with movement and song!

School Reviews

"A mom came up to me and asked what the name of our bully band was, she said her daughter had come home last week
and told her she was being bullied...because the band told her to tell."

" ... Sent home a message of teamwork and anti-bullying. Teachers were rocking in their seats and kids were singing the songs long after the band left.
I had so many teachers ask us to bring it back next year. What a wonderful way to kick off the year, thanks Leonardo"

Wallenpaupack Assembly Director  Hawley, PA
"Awesome job yesterday...The students had a great time and walked away with a different type of learning experience."
PS 132 South Bronx, NY
"We are still buzzing about your performance and all of my teachers followed up with classroom discussions!
We truly thought this was the BEST show and message we have had in forever!!!!"
Holland Elementary Taylor, MI
" I cannot remember having such an awesome assembly where the adults got as much into the music and messages just as much as the students!"
Goshen Elementary Edwardsville, IL. 
  "The band was great and your lyrics were fantastic and so easy for the students to remember. The students really enjoyed it!
Your messages to the students were very effective and the music was great.
Johnson City TN. Schools
" A musical act full of positive energy, fun and optimism. The kids, teachers and parents are still singing his songs."
Stewart Elementary PTO  Stevensville, MI